Hello Fellow Laserist,

After 5 years of development, Pangolin has chosen to discontinue the Phoenix Show-controller platform to maximise further development of our main platform.
As such, sales and support for the Phoenix product line has been discontinued and we have started to offer special transfer discounts to all our Phoenix Show-controller clients as soon as they want to come over to the much more power-full Pangolin “LaserShow Designer” platform.

I like to invite you to try demo’s of “LaserShow Designer QuickShow” and its big brother “LaserShow Designer BEYOND”.

QuickShow comes for free with all our control hardware and is perfectly suited to simply create stunning graphics and beam-shows.

LaserShow Designer BEYOND with its much more advanced feature tool sets, can be used in any arena. The real choice of the professional.

With QuickShow and BEYOND you get:
– Product lifetime free updates for both QuickShow and BEYOND!
– Free product support
– Access to the Pangolin Cloud
– Free lasershows (BEYOND +900 shows)
– Thousands of Animations
– Access to tons of tutorial materials
And help of the biggest laser support community that exists.

On top of that, we offer Phoenix Show-controller clients an additional “transfer discount” on all Pangolin laser software and hardware.

Contact us for your personalised transfer discount.


English QuickShow tutorials
Deutsche QuickShow tutorials

BEYOND tutorials

QuickShow Software Demo Multi-language
BEYOND Software Demo Multi-language

Compare QuickShow and BEYOND 

note : If you are new to the platform and are considering BEYOND, it’s wise to also watch the QuickShow video tutorials as QuickShow lays at the root of BEYOND.

Find out what fellow laserists did with QuickShow and BEYOND in our Facebook group “Powered by Pangolin”

Let us know if there are any questions!

Best regards,
Team Pangolin.

Still having trouble to decide? Don’t know exactly how to replace your setup? Contact us, we are happy to help!
We are standing by. Leave a message and we will get back with you.