Software Features – LIVE

PHOENIX4 LIVE equips you with all the stuff you need for your show at a dance club or when being on the road…

  • Intuitive handling of laser live software
  • Choose from more than 600 pre-programmed effects
  • Store up to 880 complete animations / effects per show
  • Output to up to 8 individual laser projectors
  • 8 time matrix output in real time (allocation of projectors in real time applies for every effect)
  • Chaser function for laser projectors (that is, a running light function) individual effects can also be programmed in no time
  • Many powerful functions from PHOENIX4 PRO, such as Hiddenlines, Masking, Scanlimits, Sparkling, Strobes, up to 30 layers per effect, colour morphing, morphing of images, etc.
  • Each effect may take as long as 10 minutes
  • Time line programming
  • Allows fixed and variable allocation of lasers for every effect
  • Allows DMX Interface for interactive control of external DMX controllers. For this, all functions and parts come with a unique starting address
  • DMX-out (8 x 512 DMX-Channels)
  • DMX Quick Access buttons for quick programming of chasers, moving heads, strobes, silver screens, etc.
  • FOG button – with up to 24 DMX channels ( that is, several fog machines can be programmed to be controlled either simultaneously, or successively)
  • Sound-to-sound laser function with individual adjustment of bpm for every single effect
  • Auto run for laser effects
  • 10 interactive sliders to directly change effects during data output, such as colour gradients, strobe effects, movements along all axes, scan-speed adjustments and many more
  • Transition effects between 2 effects (cross-over effects)
  • Group and preset buttons
  • Time line for creation of scenes for smaller shows
  • SMS-4-laser for free is included and may be used with conventional mobile phones
  • Can also be used via PDA (optional function)
  • Up to 8 effect buttons can be pushed and held simultaneously through Multi-Effect-Hold
  • Midi devices, such as Midi keyboards, are preinstalled for use
  • Perfect support of the novel Akai APC-40 Midi device with own surface
  • Individual scan settings for up to 8 laser projectors with 3 projection worlds for each of them, including colour adjustments, scan settings, safety zones, sizes and positions as well as geometric corrections along all axes (including trapped and clipping zones)
  • Intelligent beam table with 50 single beams, with rotating squares and own pictures being definable as beam as well (perfect for disco balls…). Thus, the beams can always and quickly be adjusted to your new location – no need to pick every single effect again!
  • Multilingual – new languages can be added very quickly
  • The graphics of programming surfaces can be adjusted individually