The Phoenix4 Showcontroller has been designed for conventional PCs operating with Win XP VISTA or Win 7.

You will find the programming of a laser show no trouble and all well arranged, because you order all elements of your show along a time line. TimeLine allows you to programme video, illumination and laser elements in real-time. Through this, you can skip the otherwise usual storing of scenes prior to the start of a newly programmed show and are thus ready to begin with real-time programming.

The Windows-like free positioning of windows makes you keep always track of your up to 32 laser projectors. The laser output can be performed with up to 100 network and / or USB interfaces, which can be freely allocated to the Timelines through the interface matrix. You can even plug or unplug them while you run the show with out any problems.

The conversion software, which is included in the delivery, allows you to easily integrate already existing pictures and logos into your laser show. Phoenix4 Media Converter is available as an optional extra and allows you to import even complex flash animations, including layers and colours, into your show.

With the freely available SMS-4-Laser tool in Phoenix4 Live, you can send SMS from a supported mobile phone or supported USB-UMTS-Web-Stick directly to your screen.

The Phoenix4 Showcontroller is the first choice for those who don’t want any limitations to the number of 2D and 3D effects and programme via curves and splines very natural looking, smooth and perfectly synchronised movements, which will be transmitted judder-free to the lasers.

Tickers can be displayed with both TrueType and optimised laser fonts.

Only the Phoenix4 Showcontroller of all show controllers provides you with a fifty times beam table for every single laser projector. And what’s best: even rotating (!) objects can be defined as beam.