PHOENIX4 PRO / PROplus – the best solution for your multimedia shows!

  • The easy-to-use and intuitively operable multimedia software is designed for the controlling of laser projectors.
  • Output to more than 32 single laser projectors (in version PRO output is limited to ONE interface only). Otherwise, all remaining functions are identical with those of version PROplus.
  • More than 170 laser shows are included in the delivery package and ready to go. More shows will be added on a monthly basis.
  • Programming of up to 32 x 512 DMX Universes with moving heads, scanners, etc.
  • DMX Fixture Library with approx. 2,000 devices.
  • Midi-in for Midi keyboards, joysticks, etc. for interactive controlling or recording.
  • Midi-out for the controlling of external Midi devices.
  • DMX-in to control PHOENIX4 from an external DMX Controller.
  • Videos may be added synchronously to the time line and sent frame-precisely to the laser and illumination show via the second monitor output of the PC.
  • Programming of the show is done in a way similar to the video editing programme; that is, in real-time and along the Timeline.
  • Unlimited number of tracks is at your disposal (through further loop tracks).
  • Precise meeting of Timeline priorities allows for the allocation of all varieties of movements.
  • Real-time output. That is, ALL modifications can be carried out during the running output.
  • Record programming. That is, you can programme as many different effects as you like and play them in on the Timeline along the beat of the music by using a Midi keyboard. PHOENIX4 assumes the tasks associated with the coordination and introduces the effects perfectly synchronous into the time line. Follow-up editing of the event gives you the leverage to make corrections.
    Excellent quality of laser output.
  • Ticker with TrueType fonts and laser-optimised fonts.
  • SMS-4-Laser for free is included and may be used with conventional mobile phones.
  • More than 190 varieties of effects, which can even be mixed together.
  • All professional functions you can possibly come across when selecting laser software.
  • Extremely flexible programming through TimeLine. All functions, effects and Show elements are synchronised along a Timeline with MP3, WAV, WinAmp, video files, SMPTE, internal PC time or via individual LIVE time!
  • WAV visualisation makes visual synchronising to the music a trouble-free delight.
  • Time Beat Markers help to position events precisely to the beat.
  • All laser, video and illumination events can be monitored by using one display only. You can skip the constant switching between monitors.
  • Multi screen support for any number of monitors!
  • 3D visualisation can be run on a separate display.
  • Unlimited number of tracks makes up for unconstrained creativity.
  • All effects / animations can perfectly be adjusted to the curve animator.
  • 2D / 3D graphic editor without restrictions included in the package.
  • Programming of 3D animations in a quick and trouble-free way.
  • Interactive ways of controlling with DMX, Midi, joysticks, PC keyboard.
  • Start of show to the second rendered possible through DMX-in, Midi, SMPTE.
  • All functions of professional laser software are included: Depth Cueing, SoftColor, SoftBlanking, Hiddenline, broadened range of opportunities for geometric corrections, BSpline-Curves, etc. Tickers, 3D Lissajous generator, line transformations, colour morphing, picture morphing, etc.
  • All effects can be created to the point and individually by using curves.
  • Curves and animations.
  • The PHOENIX4 package includes literally thousands of pictures and effects.
  • Grid frame output with scan speed of up to 200K.
  • Support of PHOENIX4 USB and network interfaces.
  • Hot-plug capable. That is, plugging in and out of interfaces is possible even during active show output.
    Short orientation period by help of instruction videos & tutorials.
  • (Personal trainer upon request.)

DMX functions of PHOENIX4 PRO / PROplus:

  • We already have accomplished the programming of more than 2000 DMX fixtures (moving heads, scanners, illumination control, etc.) and their storage with pictures.
  • Generation of own fixtures with the Fixture Editor.
  • Generation of an unlimited number of DMX fixture groups, scenes and sequences.
  • Groups can also be created by using different manufacturers / devices.
  • Start of show through DMX-in, Midi, SMPTE possible.
  • Scenes / sequences can be positioned at the Timeline per drag and drop. Thus running times are individually adjustable. = more flexibility
    Inversion of pan & tilt movements.
  • No-return-to-zero and move-in-black functions
  • DMX-in functions for all parameter to remote control the software by using conventional DMX controllers.
  • Copy & paste functions for scenes, sequences and events. Use one scene several times in a show – and you may just add a different colour…
  • Copying of parts of the show, scenes and sequences and integration into other shows.
  • Scenes may also be retrieved via Midi keyboards, PC keyboards and touch screen live control or DMX-in.
  • An extremely complex LIVE control panel allows for an infinite number of combinations.
  • Auto switch from one scene to the other. Speed is adjustable anytime.
  • Completely compatible to all existing DMX devices: Moving heads, scanners, PARs, LEDs, neon lights and architecture illuminations.

Video functions:

  • Frame-precise synchronising to video files – output to HDTV possible.
  • Individual display of logos and colours during video intermission.
  • Synchronisation is carried out 25x / second.
  • Start and stop frame can be selected.
  • Video is displayed in 3D visualization.
  • 3D Visualisation in PHOENIX4 PRO / PROplus
  • The first device worldwide to offer real-time (!) 3D visualisation for the whole location to run illumination, laser, video and furnishings (truss, bars, etc.) synchronously to the beats (individual setup with millimetre precision is feasible).
  • Automatic gobo conversion for 3D visualisation possible from any bitmap file. (Your logo is properly displayed in the moving head already during visualisation – realistic visualisation.)
  • Real-time calculation of shades and lights for all laser and illumination effects (also with superposition).
  • Optimal rendering thanks to the lawww.generation of DirectX.
  • More than 2,000 textures are already included in PHOENIX4; they are ready to be projected onto walls and 3D objects.
  • Editor to create own 3D objects.
  • Importing of 3D Studio Max files possible.
  • Group building functions of DMX devices and 3D objects.
  • Generating entire locations, stages and sets. Place the walls and build several rooms / storeys. Attach individual colours and transparency values to the objects. (for instance, for water screens!)
  • More than 300 complete truss elements, furnishings and other 3D objects are included.
  • Allocate an infinite number of DMX devices with only one DMX address.
  • Display of prisms, gobos including rotation, strobe effects including the proper colours.


  • Showplayer is designed to deliver shows on schedule. For trade shows, fixed installation and permanent replay.
  • Exact programming of dates and times for an unlimited number of shows possible.
  • Indefinite number of show lists can be programmed.
  • Option to quick-start shows LIVE.