We are pleased to provide you the newest Video Tutorials for the amazing Laser Software PHOENIX 3. We will keep the tutorials up to date to the development of the Laser Software and it´s features. You will get the Tips and Tricks from “The Laser Cracks” of the PHOENIX Laser Software.

Phoenix4 Live video tutorials in German language are available at the Phoenix Showcontroller Youtube Channel here:

Videos for PHOENIX 3 – The ultimative Laser Software

First Start PHOENIX 3
Difference between LIVE und PRO the Lasersoftware PHOENIX
How to Find the Dongle Nummer
Installation of the software
New Installation from the software
How to connect DMX Fixtures
Informations about Net Interface from PHOENIX

Other programs in PHOENIX 3 PE

Check the connected hardware for use with PHOENIX 3
How to use the PHOENIX Media Converter
How to remotecontrol the PHOENIX Showplayer by LAN


Introducion to PHOENIX Live Laser Software
Midicontroller Akai APC-40 in action
CURVE Windows with PHOENIX Live Laser Software
DMX-in and MIDI-in with PHOENIX Live Laser Software
Creating an Effect with the Laser Show Software PHOENIX LIVE
Playing an Lasershow with the Showcontroller Software PHOENIX LIVE
Change the Language in the Showcontroller Software PHOENIX LIVE