Phoenix4 Release out now

Notice for all that change from Phoenix 3 Premium to Phoenix4

Due to the extensive changes of Phoenix 3 Premium to Phoenix4, the version change can not be distributed automatically in an update. For the changeover an update installation or reinstallation is necessary.

Be sure to copy all of your customized shows, catalogs and settings to a save place before upgrading. These are located in the subdirectories of the Phoenix Showcontroller directory in the Applications folder. Depending on the language version and whether you use a 32 bit or 64 bit version of Windows, this is found at “Programs” or “Program Files (x86)” or “Program Files” or “Program Files (x86)”. As a precaution, copy the changed files from the following directories to another location:

For Phoenix Live user:

3D = Contains 3D environments of Phoenix4 3D Visualizer

Cat = Contains the catalog files for Phoenix Live

LiveShow = Contains the live show Phoenix Files

For Phoenix Pro / ProPlus users:

3D = Contains 3D environments of Phoenix4 3D Visualizer

Audio = Contains the audio files for the laser shows (if you have added them there – not included in the default installation kit)

ScanPar = Contains the scan parameters for Phoenix Pro / ProPlus

Shows = Contains the Phoenix Pro / ProPlus shows

World = Contains the world settings for Phoenix Pro / ProPlus
If you have saved files to other locations within the Phoenix Showcontroller directory, please remember to save them as well.

Copy the backed up files back to their proper locations after installing Phoenix4 Showcontroller. If you use Phoenix Live and Phoenix Pro / ProPlus, you should consider all the directories above.

Information for Phoenix4 Pro / ProPlus users:

The laser show catalog files “*. cat” in Phoenix4 are now included in the show file “*. rtd”. A separate catalog is no longer necessary. To transfer your existing customized Phoenix 3 Premium shows into the new Phoenix4 format, open the relevant shows in Phoenix4 and save them. From now on you will only need the laser show file “*. rtd” for this show. Be aware that with Phoenix4 saved laser show files can not be opened with Phoenix 3 any more, due to its format change.

The Phoenix4 Showcontroller is available here: