Installations-Kits (CD-Version) of the current PHOENIX4-Premium Edition

Please note that if you install the latest Phoenix Showcontroller release and you are using the Phoenix USB Micro V2 interface, you must download the latest firmware update for Phoenix, which you can access at the link above.
If you do not apply the latest firmware update you will get a notice that all your not updated Phoenix USB Micro V2 interfaces are temporarily disabled until the firmware update has been applied. Please reconnect all your interfaces AFTER the re-installation of this Phoenix release.
In addition, please note, that you must register your software with Phoenix within 30-days of installing this release with valid data.

Info: All Interface-Driver are available inside the Installation-Kit of course! Please search manually :…/PHOENIX Showcontroller/Interface-Drivers/LIVE USB-PRO Treiber/

Attention: The change from Phoenix 3 Premium to Phoenix4 can not be distributed as an automatic update, due to the extensive changes. Download the installation kit of your appropriate license under the link above. Be sure to save all your customized shows, catalogs, and configuration files BEFORE an upgrade installation or reinstall. These are available in the program directory “Programs” or “Program Files” or “Program Files (x86)” in “Phoenix Showcontroller” directory. For more information, see Upgrade Phoenix 3 Premium to Phoenix4.

Note: The new PHOENIX4 is NOT a free update for existing PHOENIX 3 users prior Phoenix 3 Premium, except you bought the PHOENIX 3 (!) Set after 01.April 2010. If you still have an old version PHOENIX version (e.g. PHOENIX 3) and plan to update, please contact your PHOENIX-Dealer or purchase the upgrade in our webshop for your existing licence. The new version is redone and improved in many ways. The Upgrade for PHOENIX 3 (!) will be made by email only. We just need your dongle-serial code. For customers who have purchased their PHOENIX 3 Set or PHOENIX 3 Premium Set after the 01 April 2010, the upgrade is free. If you still have purchase a Phoenix 3 (!) Set after the 01 April 2010, please contact us directly. This is not necessary for customers who already use PHOENIX 3 Premium . PHOENIX 3 Premium user do not need an additional USB dongle upgrade. PHOENIX4 works with the purchased PHOENIX 3 Premium License. The new PHOENIX4 version just needs to be downloaded and installed (see notes above).

Important: Please dont install PHOENIX4 before you upgraded your PHOENIX 3 USB dongle! After you got your upgrade please watch the video to understand the right way to reinstall PHOENIX on your system.

PHOENIX4 demo versions

PHOENIX4 demo versions without laser output:

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