Obsługa systemu Windows 10

Phoenix Showcontroller obsługuje systemu Windows 10 będzie wkrótce.



Phoenix4 Release 4.20 Now available

Phoenix4 Release 4.20 Now available

We are pleased to announce the latest update for the Phoenix 4 software (version 4.20) is now available!
Please follow the link to the “Updates / Downloads” area.
In addition, Pangolin has decided that this update, and any future updates, are now FREE of charge for all Phoenix clients.
As many of you may know, Phoenix GmbH is now a division of Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc., and since the start of this great cooperation, there has been ongoing development on the Phoenix software platform, to help further stabilize the software, and make it even more user friendly.

Phoenix Update, Version 4.2 – What’s in store for YOU

In this latest update, we’ve made a variety of improvements to the entire Phoenix software suite (including Phoenix Live, PRO, PRO+, and Phoenix CAD).
You can download a document which compares the new features, changes and improvements in this this update for Phoenix, by clicking here.

Phoenix – Now Powered by Pangolin

As a Phoenix client, we at Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc. want you to know that we are here for you. Since the start of Pangolin over 28 years ago, we’ve always placed client satisfaction and support as our number one priority.
We readily welcome all Phoenix clients into the Pangolin Family, and we gladly invite your input, comments, questions and more.
If there is anything we at Pangolin can do to support you further as a Phoenix client, please let us know. We are more than happy to help.


Pangolin acquires Phoenix intellectual property, retains team as development and support resource

Pangolin Laser Systems, a world leader in laser control software and hardware for the entertainment industry has acquired the intellectual property of Phoenix Showcontroller, in a move which will benefit laser show clients around the world.

Read more here


Phoenix USB Micro V2 interface update

Subject: Phoenix USB Micro V2 Interface (with Laser & DMX show player with included DMX connectors)

Some Phoenix USB Micro V2 Interface of the early series can get too warm at operating and can stop working temporarily.
Please check the Phoenix Warranty serial number, whether it is the case at your interface and apply the firmware update for every of those interfaces in a short term:
Subjected serial numbers:  301434250000 – 301434250325
The update manual is included in the downloadable file.

Link to firmware update:
Phoenix Micro USB V2 Interface Firmware Update Version 2.X

Important: Also install the current Phoenix4 Showcontroller version (!):
Phoenix4 Showcontroller installation kit


French Phoenix4 Live manual available

Die französische Übersetzung des Phoenix4 Live Handbuchs kann hier heruntergeladen werden:



The French translation of the Phoenix4 Live manual can be downloaded here:



La traduction française du manuel Phoenix4 Live peut être téléchargée ici:



Updated English Phoenix4 Pro/ProPlus manual

The updated English Phoenix4 Pro/ProPlus manual is available here:


English Phoenix4 manual

The Phoenix4 Live manual in English language is now available at the Phoenix4 manuals website.


Phoenix4 Pro/ProPlus manual german

The Phoenix4 Pro/ProPlus manual in German language is now available at the Pheonix4 Showcontroller website at the Manuals  section:


Translation to more languages will be available soon…


Phoenix4 Live iOS control

Haven’t you ever dreamt of sitting at the bar, holding an iced drink in your hand and operating your Phoenix4 Live laser show via iPhone or iPad? Activating the fog machines and silver screens as you like it?

Take a deep breath – it’s all possible with the new PHOENIX4 iOS control option! All functions, including switching between scanner, DMX controlling, etc. can be operated interactively via iPhone or iPad. Just connect iPhone and iPad via WLAN to the computer / notebook. With just a few configuration step your iOS devices will be ready for use.

You can take advantage of its very short response time, which allows you to operate the laser effects along the beat of the music – and all of this, far away from your computer!

And the best: Its freely available for iOS devices. You just need to purchase a 3rd party iOS App to establish the communication.

You can download the necessary control files at the Updates/Downloads page at the “Different Downloads” section.

Note: The iOS App (from iOS version 3.1.3 on (manufacturer note)) works with Phoenix 3 Live Premium and Phoenix4 Live only.


Phoenix4 Release out now

Notice for all that change from Phoenix 3 Premium to Phoenix4

Due to the extensive changes of Phoenix 3 Premium to Phoenix4, the version change can not be distributed automatically in an update. For the changeover an update installation or reinstallation is necessary.

Be sure to copy all of your customized shows, catalogs and settings to a save place before upgrading. These are located in the subdirectories of the Phoenix Showcontroller directory in the Applications folder. Depending on the language version and whether you use a 32 bit or 64 bit version of Windows, this is found at “Programs” or “Program Files (x86)” or “Program Files” or “Program Files (x86)”. As a precaution, copy the changed files from the following directories to another location:

For Phoenix Live user:

3D = Contains 3D environments of Phoenix4 3D Visualizer

Cat = Contains the catalog files for Phoenix Live

LiveShow = Contains the live show Phoenix Files

For Phoenix Pro / ProPlus users:

3D = Contains 3D environments of Phoenix4 3D Visualizer

Audio = Contains the audio files for the laser shows (if you have added them there – not included in the default installation kit)

ScanPar = Contains the scan parameters for Phoenix Pro / ProPlus

Shows = Contains the Phoenix Pro / ProPlus shows

World = Contains the world settings for Phoenix Pro / ProPlus
If you have saved files to other locations within the Phoenix Showcontroller directory, please remember to save them as well.

Copy the backed up files back to their proper locations after installing Phoenix4 Showcontroller. If you use Phoenix Live and Phoenix Pro / ProPlus, you should consider all the directories above.

Information for Phoenix4 Pro / ProPlus users:

The laser show catalog files “*. cat” in Phoenix4 are now included in the show file “*. rtd”. A separate catalog is no longer necessary. To transfer your existing customized Phoenix 3 Premium shows into the new Phoenix4 format, open the relevant shows in Phoenix4 and save them. From now on you will only need the laser show file “*. rtd” for this show. Be aware that with Phoenix4 saved laser show files can not be opened with Phoenix 3 any more, due to its format change.

The Phoenix4 Showcontroller is available here: