Phoenix4 Live iOS control

Haven’t you ever dreamt of sitting at the bar, holding an iced drink in your hand and operating your Phoenix4 Live laser show via iPhone or iPad? Activating the fog machines and silver screens as you like it?

Take a deep breath – it’s all possible with the new PHOENIX4 iOS control option! All functions, including switching between scanner, DMX controlling, etc. can be operated interactively via iPhone or iPad. Just connect iPhone and iPad via WLAN to the computer / notebook. With just a few configuration step your iOS devices will be ready for use.

You can take advantage of its very short response time, which allows you to operate the laser effects along the beat of the music – and all of this, far away from your computer!

And the best: Its freely available for iOS devices. You just need to purchase a 3rd party iOS App to establish the communication.

You can download the necessary control files at the Updates/Downloads page at the “Different Downloads” section.

Note: The iOS App (from iOS version 3.1.3 on (manufacturer note)) works with Phoenix 3 Live Premium and Phoenix4 Live only.