– Live –

Версия PHOENIX4 Live

New in Phoenix4 Live:

Output quality
The output has never been brighter on your laser and the movements of the animation were more fluid before than with Phoenix4. Enjoy the animations in revised output quality. Get the maximum out of your animations and impress your audience as they have never seen it before.

Animation optimization
The newly added global animation and trickfilm individual optimization allows you to set the optimum number of points also for the smallest angle of an animation or trickfilm.

Corner optimization
Set crispy sharp edges at your figures. Adjust for all animations, or for individual figures the detail precision that fits best to the performance of your scanner system. Optimize your shows in every detail.

Quick Import menu
Now you can create your runtext text, your laser animation and your logo as fast as never before, or import an existing laser-animation directly from the surface. Two clicks will lead you to the most frequently used functions for the creation of new animations.

Key Export / Import
Whole animations, including the figures used in the catalog can now be exported and imported in the Phoenix key format directly from and to a Phoenix4 LiveShow. This way all animations can now be quickly and easily exchanged between different Phoenix4 LiveShows.

User-Interface customization
So that you come quicker to awsome results in your daily business with the many functions now, we have overworked the surface and the menus in some places use them even more user-friendly. So you get an even quicker overview and access to the necessary functions.

Show Default
Save yourself the recurring loading of your LiveShow after launching the program and set your favorite LiveShow as the default show. This show will automatically be opened and is directly available to you for further operation. Every mode (default, Akai, laser harp) loads a specially adapted standard show.

Review of the effectpalette
The effect palette of the animation surface was checked for the essential functions and to reorganized. A sound effect had been added that allows to use an audio file in WAV and MP3 format in the animation. So it is even easier to program your own little laser shows.

Color assignment
With the new simple color-assignment the color management is set in a jiffy. Regardless if you use a RGB, RGY, RGBY, Single Color, Six Color laser projector. With a single click you do your color adjustment and enjoy to the corresponding color mapping.
The readjustment to your personal taste, is still possible of course, via the color matrix at the “Advanced Settings”. By using special test patterns the adjustment of color palettes is done in no time.

Scanner specifications
Now set the scanner settings used by your scanners with just one click in your laser projector. As an experienced user, you will still be able to manually control the scanner parameters.

Visual Safety Zones
If you could you come to sensitive devices or critical areas with your animations at your show, we recommend setting the security zones. With now 32 safety zones, it is as easy as never before, to set them for these areas. By visual feedback, you can protect sensitive areas against damage in a few seconds by excluding them from the laser output.

The redesigned user interface allows a more intuitive creation and editing of laser figures. With simultaneous real-time output and visual editing tools, you get to a variety of tools for your creative work at your fingertips. Whether you draw an image by your hand or let the automatic image-lase conversion do the work for you – is up to you. With additional subsequent optimization features you always get to impressive results.

Discover a whole new way to represent your runtext. Let your 2 dimensional texts float through the room in a 3D impression. Take now advantage of the flexible concept of the curves, for an entirely new presentation of text messages. By the real-time calculation you can make any adjustments at any time to the runtext animation type and the text.

Media converter
Through extensive review of the tracing algorithms, the processing speed and export quality could be increased many times over. This makes it easy for you to process personal logo or that of your customers for a laser output. In the optional version the processing of video, vector files and flash files with export of multi-frame animation is possible beyond that.

Easy-Quick Setup
Start right away – without much effort for settings – do it now with the new Easy-Quick Setup. Let us guide you through the key settings during initial program start – to create a stunning laser-live show from the beginning.

LaserHarp Mode
Surprise your audience newly and become a virtuoso of laser, light and sound. The ProLight laser harp allows you to present and control your live performance by laser-generated, rainbow-colored harp strings. The specially adapted surface in PHOENIX4 LIVE supports you effectively in your artistic presentation.

Display brightness
With the display brightness control you can reduce the screen brightness in 3 steps to allow a comfortable working in dark environments.

Take Over Mode
The takeover mode allows smoother effect value changes, by using a MIDI or DMX controller for manipulating different animations. Your live shows will look even more fluid and harmonious.

Static Effect
The static property of animation fixes the animation for output, so that it can be easily output alongside other animations. A must, especially for logos or messages that should be permanently visible and if “add animation” function is not required permanently.

FX for all animations
With enabling the checkbox “for all FX animations” you can now change the position of the control cross and the color on the color wheel for all the connected laser at once from the surface.

Save Start Mode
Have you made a mistake when programming your automatically starting LiveShow (see default-show) and now Phoenix4 LIVE starts no longer as normal, you can save yourself with the Save Start function. If the F8 key is pressed during start-up screen Phoenix4 LIVE is opened with an empty show so you can perform the necessary corrections for a successful startup.

DMX runtime
Determine now next to a runtime interval also the duration of the DMX signal in Phoenix4 LIVE, as it is best-known from your DMX hardware.

MIDI load / store
For all those who work in private and on tour with various external MIDI devices to control DMX, the ability to store the MIDI / DMX settings is now provided in Phoenix4 LIVE. You can create your personal MIDI / DMX presets and use them in any Phoenix4 LIVE installation with which you work then.

3D Preview
At the 3D Live Preview in Phoenix4 LIVE the laser can now be arranged, by moving the preview by the way you would see it at the event itself. To get a more realistic effect room impression of your live show directly.

Improvents on MIDI-DMX control
The control by external MIDI / DMX devices has been overworked for faster access. Now the animation banks can triggered sequential forward and backward via one channel, as well as the animation can be choosen faster and more accurate about a two-channel matrix.

Версия PHOENIX4 Live- это интуитивно обслуживаемое программное обеспечение для лазера, посредствoм которого Вы можете очень быстро и просто программировать собственные лазерные и DMX-устройства без длительного обучения. Выберите из более чем 800 запрограммированных эффектов, дополните их индивидуально программируемыми эффектами, логотипами, надписями, а также бегущими строками и создайте из этого неповторимое и захватывающее лазерное шоу. Программирование происходит посредством временной последовательности, благодаря чему Вы можете в любое время контролировать и превосходно синхронизировать друг с другом отдельные элементы.

Каждый эффект может быть продолжительностью до 10 минут и в режиме реального времени распределяется на один или несколько (до 8) лазерных проекторов. При этом каждый эффект может быть предназначен лазеру как постоянно так и переменно.

С помощью 10 интерактивных регуляторов управления Bы можете к тому же ещё раз изменить эффекты непосредственно, а также и во время выдачи данных. Добавьте к Вашему шоу кроме того цветные переходы, работайте co стробо- или крутящимися эффектaми или перемещайте эти передвижения во всех осях. Благодаря различным переходным эффектам могут отдельные эффекты оптимально превращаться друг в друга. Сверх этого, Вы можете посредством Phoenix шоу-controller запускать одновременно или по очереди несколько машин для образования тумана и, таким образом, дополнять Ваше шоу дополнительными запоминающимися моментами. Для каждого шоу можно сохранить до 880 комплектных анимаций / эффектов.

Информируйте Вашу публику во время действующего шоу о последних новостях или привлеките больше внимания к Вашему рекламному материалу.

При помощи имеющегося в комплекте поставки SMS-4-Laser Tool Вы можете координировать текстовые сообщения с Вашего Apple IPhone непосредственно на лазер. Для ещё большей оперативности в обслуживании имеется дополнительная PDA-функция, имеющаяся в виде опции. Все без исключения функции Phoenix4 Live могут тем самым управляться через PDA или IPhone. Создайте себе необходимую свободу передвижений, проанализируйте Ваше шоу с различных перспектив и воздействуйте на шоу дистанционно. Или используйте возможность подключения Midi-устройств, таких как новейший Akai APC-40 (в настоящее время не AKAI APC40 MKII) для абсолютно профессионального доступа к Phoenix4 Live. В добавление к этому, функция Sound-to-Laser (от звука к лазеру) помогает лазерному жокею автоматически направить ритм музыки на эффекты, то есть автоматически выдавать переменные лазерные эффекты.

Hardware requirements

– Window PC with Windows XP, VISTA, Windows 7 (32 Bit & 64 Bit) or Windows 8 (32 Bit & 64 Bit)
(No official support for virtual environments and Mac platform)
– min. 2 GHZ (recommended: Duocore 2×2 GHZ), 2GB RAM memory (recommended 4GB), 10 GB harddisk, 128MB Graphics Card (recommended 512MB) with OpenGL and DirectX 9.0 (or higher)
– Keyboard, Mouse (possibly Touchscreen for LIVE)

– Touchscreen
– External DMX-Desk
– Midi-Keyboard et cetera
– AKAI APC40 (в настоящее время не AKAI APC40 MKII)
– ProLight Laser Harph
– Joysticks
– DMX-Devices of any kind (In & out)